• Crossborder Program Romania - Serbia
    E N A B O
    Explore Nature Across Borders

Enabo project aims to develop the tourism economy sector with focus on eco-tourism in the protected areas in the Serbian-Romanian border area.

Romania and Serbia for economic competitiveness
and improving quality in the region

The Serbian-Romanian border area is rich in natural beauty in a wide variety of characters. However its source as tourism economy is either untapped (SRB), lacks sufficient quality in services (RO) or is unknown to the outer world. However,
the project is built on strengths and opportunities rather than deficiencies. Preparation of infrastructure adaptations, restoration of cultural heritage,
creating facilities for educative eco-tourism, skills upgrading for managers, tourism workers and local decision makers are contributing to the attractiveness of the regions as tourism destinations. Marketing activities are bringing these beauties into reach of populations beyond the project area. Environmental awareness and protection measures guarantee the sustainability of this attractiveness.